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The Scarecrow 



Charlie asked the crow to teach him how to fly,

He wanted to know what secrets were in the sky.

With an assortment of strings

And some plastic things,

He made a pair of wings.

Charlie read some psalms,

kissed his  lucky charms,

and tied those wings to his arms.


In brilliant detail he dreamt of fairy tales

'What could be up there in the air'? He thought.

'I really hope that flight can be taught'.

 He imagined strange worlds above magical clouds

where people in olden wagons,

were drawn by golden dragons.

Fairies flew in the perfumed breeze

of flowers that grew rainbow leaves.

All giants’ trolls and witches shared their riches

and did not mind because they were kind.

They'd tell jokes and everyone would

 laugh into stitches.


 Lesson one; there was jumping, dashing

and lots of arms flapping but no flying.

There was some bumping, crashing,

lots of arms snapping and so much crying.

Six weeks passed by and Charlie still could not fly.


  He tried to glide but his wings needed to be modified.

They were either too thick or thin

and would crack or snap after a flap

giving vasts amounts of pain to him.

He used fabrics, wires, wood,

polystyrene, fibre glass; none of it was any good.


Then he had an appalling thought,

it was the wicked sort,

and there would be consequences if he got caught.

He thought about the poultry farm,

 there they had plenty of feathers for his arms

and he could pluck them without conflicting much harm.

So he went into the pen, plucked the rooster,

then a hen, a goose, a turkey and a duckling.

Soon, every bird looked  like they had a good plucking.


His latest wings were just right for flight.

They were light and in time would  

help him reach extraordinary heights.

He made a new snazzy tail too.

Now he was ready for lesson number two;

‘Up, up in the air and how to say up there.

 Not crash into the ground, becoming beyond repair'.

So there was jumping, dashing

and lots of arms flapping and lots of flying.

and SO much crying.

These were tears of delight that he had taken flight.


The crow taught him how to loop the loop,

Survive a nose dive in a single swoop,

Back stroke, doggy paddle

And how to do other things during flight, like  poop.

He flew with a giant metal bird

that could be seen before it was heard

and dodged frightening bolts of lightening,

which provoked him to shout out naughty words.


Charlie flew higher; he was easily bored

and wanted so much more.

The crow did not like where he soared,

so warned him not to go beyond the heights

that no other bird has explored.

Charlie did not care.

The advice was ignored.


Those heights were bad for him

because the air was too thin.

His mind started to spin,

he was  imagining things.

He began hallucinating.

The imagination that Charlie repressed within,

that world he dreamt about were rainbow flowers sprout

and fairies stood in crowds above magical clouds,

played before him.


He was in complete ecstacy.

The crow decided to let him be,

he had never seen someone look so happy.

 He knew Charlie would never return 

to tell about where he had been.

In his honour the crow said a prayer

and thought of a hymn.


Charlie finally reached a height

where gravity had no might.

It was subzero space.

He orbited the Earth in this lifeless place

amongst debris of satellites and meteorites.

A smile slowly froze on his face.

As the warmth left his body

 the crows began to harmoniously hum 

Amazing Grace.

When the life in his body was erased

the crows returned to their usual pace

and stopped thinking about Charlie's

body in outer Space.


Night time arrived on the Poultry farm.

The farmer raised the alarm.

He stood in the pen

and cursed, ‘What? Why? When,

Who’s been plucking my hens?’

His blood boiled from within and his head went red.

His kin said ‘They’ve been at in again Fred,

Someone has taken the Scare Crow.’

In disbelieve the farmer shouted ‘Taken! What! No!

She answered back, ‘Well, scare crows don’t awaken and go’.

He wondered where that scarecrow could be.

Ironically, A speck of light in the sky,

Travelled over head, It was Charlie passing by.


Charlie was easy to replace. With an old sack

some lace and some buttons, the farmer reconstructed a face.

With a llittle straw, an old quilt and some clothes, a new body was built.

The farmer put on show a  brand new scare crow and called him Bo.


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