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 Local councillors here in Leeds are locked into an unpopular scheme to build a trolleybus line which will cause massive environmental destruction if it gets built. It appears that the scheme may go ahead mainly because of the efforts of a local Lib Dem MP who will almost certainly lose his seat at the next election owing to the unpopularity of the Lib Dems.

I wondered if a cartoon could be used to illustrate the situation in a humorous way, a cartoon which was different from other cartoons and which would grab busy people's attention and convey to them at a glance exactly what's going on. I did a Google search for a cartoonist and Mr Locke's site was the second website I came across. The cartoons I saw there were unlike any I had ever seen. The faces of the characters had the quality of paintings, and the cartoons contained lots of interesting and amusing details. I immediately knew that Mr Lock was the man I wanted to carry out this important work.

When I contacted Mr Lock, he immediately understood the seriousness of the situation, and the potential of the cartoon to make a difference to the campaign to stop the trolleybus scheme. He was very enthusiastic and keen to get on with the work. I sent him photos of the various local politicians, and three days later, he had produced the most imaginative and unique cartoon I have ever seen. It not only sums up the situation that councillors here find themselves in, in a humorous way, but it is also very beautiful. The cartoon shows a trolleybus being driven over a cliff by the local MP, with three senior councillors onboard as unwilling passengers. The councillors are clearly distressed at the prospect of impending catastrophe, whereas the MP seems glum and pre-occupied. All the characters are portrayed sympathetically, so that none could take exception to the cartoon, which is great as I think upsetting people can be very counter productive. They're never going to do the right thing if you get their backs up. I'm very pleased indeed with Mr Lock's cartoon and grateful to him for doing it.


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