Little Johnny Jackson watched the waves roll, each tumbling over

like a rollercoaster.  His mother called to him.

“Be very carefully Johnny you know you can’t swim”.  But Johnny paid little heed to his mother; in fact he took off his shoes and started to paddle.  He jumped over the waves that hit the shore, each one bigger than the one before.  Little Johnny shouted with glee.

“Look everyone! Look at me!”

But no one looked they were busy eating their sandy sandwiches and drinking tea.


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Johnny jumped and jumped. Then, without warning, a wave bigger than a house roared towards him.   Johnny tried with all his might to run back, but the wave ran faster and stopped him in his tracks.  With a gulp, a cry, and arms waving high, little Johnny Jackson was dragged out to sea, bobbing up and down on the rollercoaster waves.  He was tossed and turned, dragged up and down.  Each time he tried to get back to shore.

But alas little Johnny Jackson could not swim and what’s more, he did not wear a life jacket.


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and little boy arms in the air.



“Oh! What a shame,” the people said.

“One minute the lad was here and well now”.

But before the next word came out, a lifeboat was called to the rescue; of little Johnny Jackson who by now had gone so far out. 

“Do not worry Mrs Jackson,” the captain said, “we’ll look for Johnny.” Although Captain Jenkins held little hope has he set out in the lifeboat. 

Mrs Jackson stood in vain, only Johnny’s shoes remained, stuck in the sand on that fateful day. 


picture of the lifeboat and Captain on right side



Johnny Jackson drifted to sleep.  When he awoke a Mermaid did speak. 

“Well who do we have here”? She said, calling the others to take a peak.  Johnny Jackson rubbed his eyes, at first he could not speak; he coughed and choked on the salty sea.  Then he whispered,

“I’m Johnny Jackson and I was swept out to sea, now no one’s going to find me.  My mother will cry and my father too and I can’t wear my brand new shoes.” 


Picture of mermaid with little fish around her. 




The Mermaid said in a sweet voice.

“Now,! Now! Little boy, do not cry, the life of a Merman can be fun we sit and eat fish all day long.” 

Little Johnny Jackson squirmed at the thought of eating fish without a knife and fork.  He loved fish and chips with mushy peas, Oh! How he wished he were back on shore and not in the salty sea. 

Had he listened to his mother’s voice

“Johnny you better take care you cannot swim.”

But instead, here he was feeling extremely grim. 


A sad little Johnny with fish all around him, maybe a few tear drops plopping in to the sea


At this point the Mermaid who was a kindly soul, felt sorry for little Johnny, after all, he was so small and his mother and father would be in despair not having little Johnny near. 

The Mermaid whose name was Emerald; called together all the sea urchins; and asked permission for a wish, something each Mermaid got if they were good.  Emerald often helped others when the sea became too rough; she guide ships from the rocks. 

Now, not a lot of humans believed in mermaids, but Emerald was living proof, her long fair hair and her bright green tail; it was not a dream to little Johnny Jackson, Oh No!, she was real, as real could be. 


Emerald the Mermaid


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The Mermaids and Mermen agreed, that a wish should be granted.

“How can we help” they said “after all, this little lad been tossed out to sea, and sadly no one will expect him back in time for tea.” 

Emerald asked little Johnny

“Are you sure; you wouldn’t like to be a Merman?”

Johnny nodded “No thank you!  As much as I like you, I would rather be on shore with my mum, dad and my dog Roar.” 

The sea people conferred and hatched a plan to return Johnny to dry land. 

PAGE 14 

Mermen and sea urchin hatching a plan


Emerald’s eyes sparkled with joy

“I know” she said “let’s put him on the back of Dolphin Fred, he can swim fast and he never loses his head.  But before Johnny goes a promise he must make.”

“Anything” Johnny said “anything you say.” 

Emerald was in playful mood, “I think you should eat some jelly fish. It’s a treat and good for you.” 

Johnny pulled a funny face; he must eat or will remain at the bottom of the sea and become a Merman and have to eat raw seaweed.

“Just a little” Emerald said. The jellyfish was slimy green and wobbled about.  It made Johnny turn a dreadful colour of puck yellow.  Emerald laughed out loud “I was only joking little fellow.


A bowl of slimy green jelly and fishes eating green slimy stuff



Now! The promise” she said, “you must learn how to swim and never go near waters deep and always do as adults say.  Will you keep the promise Johnny Jackson?” 

Johnny said “Oh Yes!, Yes!, Yes!.  I will, keep the promise and learn to swim.”

“Good,” said Emerald. 

The Mermaids and Mermen lifted little Johnny Jackson onto the back of Dolphin Fred, they waved him goodbye.  Dolphin Fred swam as near to the shore as he could without being seen and put Johnny down on a rock in view of the lifeboat. 

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Picture of Fred the Dolphin


Captain Jenkins could not believe his eyes.  He never expected to find the boy alive.  He quickly steered his boat towards the rock.  Captain Jenkins said aloud

“Johnny must have been swept there by the waves.  How he survived I could not say.” 

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The lifeboat heading towards the rock

PAGE 21 

Now no one could believe the story Johnny told.

Who ever heard of a Mermaid and a Dolphin named Fred and what about the jelly fish treat. 

Such was his trauma, he woke up in a hospital bed his mum and dad by his head. They were glad to see their son alive, his mother cried when his father said;

“Well young man what a scare you gave drifting out to sea that way, lucky for you the lifeboat came and snatched you from the rocks and rolling waves.” 


Johnny lying in bed with a bandage wrapped round his head. 














Now Johnny knew he had not been dreaming, Emerald and Dolphin Fred were very real, and he was going to make sure he kept his promise.  Johnny would learn how to swim and encouraged others. 

Johnny was so glad to be on dry land he promised he’d be good and do what his mother said.

“No more jumping over waves unless it was safe to play.” 

Then that night the nurse came to tuck him in.

Her eyes were emerald green, her hair long and fair she whispered.

“Good night little man sweet dreams” and with a bowl of lime green jelly in her hand, she turned to the little boy and winked, then she smiled, when she said.


“Fred the dolphin wishes you well.” She turned out the light and left the room dragging her green fishy tail.

This was a happy ending; unfortunately, not everyone can be like Johnny and get help from Mermaids and dolphins.  So remember children if you are at the beach or by a river where waters are deep.  If you are unable to swim do not play without supervision.  Remember what Emerald the mermaid said

“Be safe, have fun and learn to swim.” 





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